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English Breakfast Tea


English Breakfast Tea

Health Benefits-It contains antioxidants that boost overall health.It has positive effects on weight loss and cancer prevention. English Breakfast Tea contains cholesterol-lowering, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties and could contribute to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Available as– 20gms
Brewing Instructions-

1. Add 2gms of loose leaf tea to 150ml water (208°C)
2. Steep in for about 5 mins.
3. Add milk and sugar as per your taste (this step is optional but English Breakfast Tea tastes best with milk and sugar)
4. Strain and enjoy your favourite tea. Always pour water in the tea leaves and not the other way round.

Storage advice: Store in the foil pouch in the tea tin or transfer to an airtight container, kept in cool dark place. If storing in the refrigerator/ freezer, pack in small completely airtight packets or jars. Before use, wait for the tea to reach room temperature to prevent any condensation. Each packet should be used within a week after opening.


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